lych • no • bite n. 1., one who sleeps during the day and works at night

Ancient Greek for λύχνος ("lamp") and βίος ("life")

This is the home page for Mark Coletti, though these days home pages are admittedly superfluous in light of social media. However, I created this page in the late 90s before those existed, and back then a home page was where you staked your claim in the cyber-aether. When I created this site I needed something unique for my domain name, and "lychnobite" was unusual enough to guarantee its availability; but that word also adequately described my life style: I was a die hard night owl.

I'm not as much of a night owl as I used to be, I admit. Nonetheless, I've had this domain for so long that it is an integral part of my online identity.

Alas, much of the purpose of this site — e.g., providing contact information, a biographical sketch, and personal anecdotes — has now been superseded by some of those aforementioned social media sites. Now I pretty much just use this as place for backups, for image place holders, and maybe to do some experimental web design. It's a little bittersweet that I've replaced the garish, over designed original site with this one since the original was in place for such an embarrassingly long time. But I've moved on, and I suppose it's time my online presence reflected that reality. (January 1, 2015)